Lauren & Steve - Lucas - 1-Year-Old Baby Photography - Baltimore, MD

Happy July, everyone!

We’re feeling the heat here in Raleigh, but I walked to a coffee shop to do some work on Monday and was pleasantly surprised that there was actually a cool(ish) breeze! At 32 weeks pregnant & also carrying a backpack, I took any relief I could get :)

Today I’m sharing a session I did in May near Baltimore, Maryland with some friends from college! Lauren and my husband Andrew were in the social work program together and did many group projects together back in the day. I was really excited when she said they were interested in getting photos before Lucas’ first birthday… It was the perfect excuse to go up to see them, and we also saw some other friends from college - and stayed with my friend from high school & her husband - while we were in the area!

We met at Centennial Park in Ellicott City for the session, and that place was HOPPING with people running, walking, having picnics, playing with kids, and even doing some juggling practice.

Enjoy the photos!

Lauren & Steve - Lucas -

1-Year-Old Baby Photography - Baltimore, MD


First, I know it’d be difficult to NOT notice, but can I point out how beautiful this family is?!

It was so fun for me to see Lauren and Steve interacting with baby Lucas! They know just how to make him smile, and Lucas was great the whole time!


The park was also beauuutiful with all the greenery and lots of great areas for photos! An overcast morning also meant we could be more flexible with where we took photos, since that means the sun’s position in the sky doesn’t matter as much. :)


This spot right here with the sidewalk, big tree, beautiful family, and all the green: SO PRETTY!


I love getting some photos of just Mom & Dad when possible, too!


Okay, now we need to talk about babies in suspenders… or maybe just look at photos of Lucas in suspenders :) If I could put a heart eye emoji here, I would. SO CUTE.


AND overalls - these are so cute, too! Do you think Lucas knows how cute he is? He’s got to, right?


My husband Andrew jumped in for a photo with Lauren at the end, since it had been a while since we’d seen her. :) Social work buddies!


I am so thankful that Lauren & Steve love the photos as much as I do, and that made for a hard decision to figure out what photo art to order! They ultimately decided to order a set of prints - some to display at Lucas’ first birthday party, some to share with family & friends, and some for themselves to enjoy forever. :) Can’t go wrong with pretty, pretty professional prints that will last a lifetime!

Thank you so much for investing in capturing this fun time of your lives, Lauren & Steve! I absolutely loved catching up with y’all, meeting sweet Lucas, and walking around the park together. :)

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If you’re interested in a session sometime, I’d love to schedule something with you this month or after my maternity leave in November or December! I’ll be finishing up editing and making final preparations for the baby in August, then hopefully enjoying lots of focused time with baby in September and October. :)

When you’re ready, check out my pay-what-you-can photography system for sessions or get a peek at what I offer for weddings, then contact me here so we can start our conversation! I’m already excited to capture your special memories, too.

Thank you for joining us on the blog today, and have a very happy 4th of July tomorrow!

In light & love,