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Photography for all - all people at all times in life


My name is Kelly Hudgins, your friendly neighborhood photographer :)

I live in Raleigh, NC with my husband Andrew, our pup Jack, and at least one housemate at any given time who brings a lot to our little community. I am passionate about authenticity, accessibility, and equitable opportunities for all. When I'm not doing photography, I can be found reading in a hammock, walking my dog downtown, hiking in Umstead State Park, or crocheting under a blanket on my couch! Other passions include chocolate ice cream, lemonade in mason jars, and connecting with wonderful people like you. 

Truly, I feel called to live into my identity as an artist and photographer, and I get the warmest feelings when I see my clients (ahem, new friends) "aww" and "oh my goodness!" over their photos for the first time. I am so happy to offer professional products that allow these photos to fill your home, connect with others, and last a lifetime. 

Pay-what-you-can Photography

I feel called to serve people with varying backgrounds and means, not just those who can typically afford professional photography. To fulfill that call, hope, & dream of mine, I offer pay-what-you-can collections to every client for both sessions and weddings. You are able to choose a collection based on your financial & photo art needs, and collections include your session/wedding and photo art of your choosing! You have the option to pay the suggested amount, pay it forward for others by paying more than the suggested amount, or pay less if you need to.

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People & Partnerships

I am super excited to be partnering with A Place at the Table and Neighbor 2 Neighbor! 

A Place at the Table is Raleigh's first pay-what-you-can café, building community around the table with really good food. Their pay-what-you-can model allows people from all different walks of life to come and enjoy a delicious meal together regardless of means. Check out my APATT photography in their café, meet some incredible people, and enjoy some chai waffles! 

Neighbor 2 Neighbor is a community development organization in my neighborhood that does a TON in the local community, focusing on mentorship and empowerment. I serve them through portraits, events, and capturing the work of Neighbor Enterprises. They're always looking for more volunteers if you're interested!