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How long has Light Creative been in business?

I've been doing photography professionally since before 2013, when my business was called Kelly Hudgins Photography. Before moving to the Triangle area of North Carolina, I did a lot of revisioning and restructuring to determine how I can best serve people here within the call I'm discerning. Light Creative, LLC was born in the spring of 2017. 

How do I book a session or wedding?

Thanks for asking! First, contact me so we can chat about what you have in mind. We typically talk about sessions over email or on the phone, and we talk about weddings in person at a local café (or on the phone if you’re not local to the Triangle area of NC). In that conversation we'll talk about what kind of session you're envisioning or when your wedding is, with some more specifics. We'll also discuss your investment in greater detail, including pay-what-you-can options. If everything sounds good and we decide to work together (yay!), I'll send you contract documents to sign and you'll pay a non-refundable retainer to officially put yourself on my calendar. The retainer will serve as a credit to the full photography price.

What is included with the photo collection I choose?

Every photography collection includes your session and photo art! A one-hour photography session is included with every collection option, except for the Poppy Collection, which includes a 20-30 minute mini-session (or “pop-in” session :) ). Varying amounts of photo art credits are also included with every collection, as are web-sized digital files. Please see more details in my pay-what-you-can photography system explanation.

What is a pay-what-you-can session?

With each session collection you choose, you have the option of paying the suggested price, paying more, or paying less. You have the discretion of choosing a collection that feels right for you and deciding what you can pay in relation to that. If you pay more by rounding up your total or leaving an extra tip, you pay it forward for a photography session for someone who typically wouldn’t be able to have their joyful moments captured professionally. See more details here.

Do you have pay-what-you-can wedding collections?

I sure do! Basic information can be found on the Invest page. Please contact me for detailed pricing information and to tell me all about your big day!

Do you specialize in a specific type of photography?

My specialty is relationships. I'm intentional in not focusing on one type of photography (solely photographing weddings, for example), because my passion lies in people. Nothing is more special to me than to continue my relationships with people, photograph them over time, and see them grow - from senior photos, to engagement and wedding, to maternity and newborn, and beyond. I get goosebumps when people refer to me as their family photographer, and I want more of that! 

Is Light Creative LGBTQ+ friendly?

Absolutely. In striving to make professional photography accessible to everyone, I am passionate about serving people with all different backgrounds - sexual orientation and gender identity included. Please know that I value you, honor you, and love you exactly as you are.

I'd like to gift a session to somebody. Are gift certificates available?

Ahh, you're the best! YES, gift certificates are an option, and you may gift a particular collection, a certain number of photo art credits, or any dollar amount. Please take a look at the collections and photo art credits available for sessions, and contact me so we can get started!

¿Se habla español?

¡Sí! Aprendí el español en la escuela y lo enseñé clases de español por tres años. También enseñé el inglés a estudiantes quienes hablaban el español como su idioma primario. Me gustaría servirte y a tu familia con fotografía usando el español si les daría una experiencia mejor. 


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