Alexan & Becky - Massanutten Resort Overlook - Virginia Proposal Photography

“I’ve got to tell you their proposal story as we go along here, because Becky did such a great job orchestrating it. It’s also helpful that Alexan apparently trusts Becky very much! ;)

Becky & Alexan were on vacation at a relative’s timeshare-like rental house in the mountains of Virginia, at the beautiful Massanutten Resort. Becky woke Alexan up early Monday morning and said, “Let’s go on a date!” Alexan isn’t usually an early riser, but she didn’t question it, hopped up, and they were on their way! …”

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Kristen & Darrin - Chinese Lantern Festival Proposal Photography - Cary, NC

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kristen & Darrin at a Durham Bulls baseball game as part of a local JMU Alumni meetup night. (Go Dukes!) My husband and I enjoyed chatting with them that evening, and I mentioned that I’m a photographer during part of our conversation. Months passed, and Darrin eventually knew he wanted to propose to Kristen sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018. The Chinese Lantern Festival felt like the perfect place for them to celebrate such a momentous occasion. As soon as he told someone he was going to propose, they said he needed a photographer, and he went and called me right away!! (Gentlemen, take note. Photos of your proposal are basically expected at this point!)”

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