OH, BABY... 20 Week (Bump)date!

“We’ve already made it through 20 weeks of my pregnancy, and we’re halfway to baby! Again, how?! I want to say the first part of the pregnancy might seem to go faster than the second part because we didn’t know about it for the first 4.5 weeks & didn’t have confirmation until 6.5 weeks… but time will actually probably keep flying like it always does.

Anyway, hello friends! I just want to hop on the blog today to give you a quick (bump)date, in case anyone is interested!”

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OH, BABY... We Have an Announcement!

“I posted on social media last week that at the end of this week I would share the first of 3-4 upcoming Light Creative announcements. These announcements will be made over the next couple months, and today is the first one!

I’m excited to say that it’s a very big announcement and one that will affect my personal life forever… Andrew and I are expecting a baby at the end of August!”

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2018 in Review!

“None of the wonderful things that happened in 2018 would have been possible without you all (well, and God). I can’t express how much joy I get in my heart from capturing your everyday moments and special events, and it blesses me multiple times over knowing that you get joy from what we create together, too. THANK YOU for a 2018 full of hitting the ground running, building momentum, and doing this darn thing.“

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Denver, Portland, & Seattle Travel Photography

“While we had a blast over the weekend, I also want to share photos from our week-long trip out west! At the end of July, we ventured out to Denver, Portland, & Seattle. This was our first time out west, and my first time any further west than Houston! Our hearts were warmed as we were blessed with the hospitality of friends along the way. Scroll down to read more about the trip and see lots of photos! …”

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