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Hey everyone!

Wow, happy October! I have been on maternity leave since mid-August when I had our son Isaac. :) I’m actually transcribing this blog post right now by voice-to-text because I am breastfeeding and only have one hand free... welcome to the mom life!

I’m going to be writing another blog post soon to officially introduce you to Isaac, talk about the end of my pregnancy and our birth story, and show you a bunch of pictures (of course) of his nursery & our first days with him... But first, I wanted to hop on here real quick today in an attempt to break the Internet with some cuteness that I’m so eager to show you!

Remember Becky and Alexan from their Massanutten proposal session?! We had a dreamy sunrise with a view overlooking the Shenandoah Valley... not to mention lots of raw joy & emotions from these two as they got engaged!

Becky and Alexan are currently fostering a mama dog and her litter of seven puppies. Becky contacted me with the idea for me to take photos of our baby Isaac with the puppies, and obviously I was all in! They brought the puppies over to our house the day that Isaac turned one month old, and the puppies were three weeks old at the time. :) 

My husband Andrew grabbed the basket that usually holds bath towels for our guests, I layered it with towels and blankets and set it in a sunny spot by a window in our dining area, and everyone took turns putting puppies in and taking puppies out while I snapped away with my camera!

HELLO, CUTENESS. Enjoy the photos, and send this post to a friend who needs to smile today!

Newborn Baby & Puppy Photography!
Raleigh Newborn Photography



Hello, sweet snuggly puppies!


I’m realizing more and more that baby toes and puppy paws are the cutest!



Probably my favorite of them all:


Isaac wasn’t too sure what to think of the puppies at first… But mostly, he just slept right along with them :)


Major thanks to Becky and Alexan for the wonderful photoshoot idea & for bringing the puppies over!!

I have several recent blog posts with one-year-olds, but if you’d like to see another tiny baby, might I suggest seeing photos of super-stylish 3-month-old Journey and her momma Kate? :)

Let me know if you’d like some super snuggly photos of your own soon! Even if you don’t have a newborn or 7 puppies handy, I bet we can still capture some cute moments. ;)

Thank you for joining us on the blog today, and I’ll catch up with y’all again soon!

In light & love,