Tena & Frank - Durham, NC Courthouse Wedding Photography

Hello, dear friends!

As hard as I try, I can’t seem to stop the never-ending refrain of, “It’s already the middle of January? Where have the last 16 days gone?!” I’m starting to brainstorm some things that could help ground me in the current moment and treasure it before it’s gone… One way I already like to do this is obviously through taking photos and capturing memories. Other ideas I have are making lists of things I’m thankful for (which I’ve done before but would like to do more frequently), writing down one significant thing from each day, or even drawing a little doodle each day - related to the day’s happenings or not - to just kind of mark this passing of time and recognize it. Got any other ideas?

At the very end of November - which, yes, is astoundingly a month and a half ago - I had the pleasure of photographing a courthouse wedding for the first time! I’ve spent a lot of time capturing full weddings, but this was my first opportunity to be a part of a simpler ceremony at a courthouse, spending time with intimate family members before their fun celebration the next day. It was great!

Tena & Frank - Durham, NC Courthouse Wedding Photography


I loved meeting Tena and Frank and capturing their special day for them! Everyone’s wedding day is special and unique no matter where you get married or how long your ceremony is. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re married now! What a beautiful thing. I love that these two chose to get married in a way that felt right for them. Tena is from Bali, and sadly her family couldn’t join them on their special day. It was, however, really special to witness her family growing here in the States, as the people who surrounded her became her actual family. <3

AND - shoutout to the Durham County Courthouse for having legit natural light outside the courtrooms and in other parts of the building! You’re the best.

Enjoy the photos! Feel free to click any photo to view it larger.

Did you see how much fun they were having in portraits after the ceremony?! If you missed it, go back and look for the laughter & smiles! It seemed like Tena was going back and forth between the heartfelt processing of, “Wow, Frank is my husband now!” and giddy laughter about all of it, especially amidst Frank’s dips and nuzzles. It was the best, and they were so fun to spend time with :) Thank you, Tena and Frank!

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Thanks for sticking with me, and let me know if you’re digging the idea to mark each day and call it special!

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