Claire, Emma, & Greear - High School Senior Photography - Raleigh, NC

Hello, friends!

We’ve had our own fair share of celebrations recently - between birthdays & our anniversary in June and baby showers in July - but back in May I got to celebrate with THREE high school seniors as they were about to graduate! Let me go ahead and say… They are going to change the world. They’re already changing the world.

Claire, Emma, and Greear all attend my church, Southeast Raleigh Table, and our pastor was thoughtful enough to gift them a collective session to celebrate them well! We met at Chavis Park in Southeast Raleigh, and we shared a lovely evening together.

Enjoy the photos!

Claire, Emma, & Greear - High School Senior Photography - Raleigh, NC

Needham B. Broughton High School

Enloe High School

Sanderson High School


I love all the great places we found in Chavis Park to take pictures. We stayed in one pretty small area, too, and found all these great spots! I know there are lots of great photo ops around more of the park, as well!

Can we talk about how well they coordinated their outfits?! They’d talked beforehand about wearing something nice/casual, then bringing graduation gowns and college shirts, but they did NOT talk about what colors they’d be wearing… It worked out so perfectly!


This is the historic Chavis carousel, in the background!

Our pastor Lisa got to drop by the session for a few moments, and I’m so glad we were able to snap a few photos with her in that time! What a gem.


Time for graduation gowns! Greear graduated from Sanderson High School, Claire from Broughton High School, and Emma from Enloe High School. I think it ended up looking pretty cool with them all in different colors. :)


I also love that they brought college shirts! They’re headed off to great places in the fall, and we ALL know they’re going to do big things. Greear will be attending UNC, Claire is headed to DePauw University, and Emma is going to George Washington University!

Also, don’t they all just look good?! Y’all wear graduation well.


One fun thing about doing a session with three seniors at once is that I still got to meet with their families individually after the session! Having three separate ordering sessions afterward meant that they all got to see the photos, choose their own favorites, and decide what photo art to order based on what they and their families needed and wanted. The session included photo art credits for each of them, so some of what they ordered was already taken care of!

Emma and Greear’s families both ordered prints, and they also ordered some extra web-sized files to share on social media! I found that seniors don’t usually need too many prints and physical pieces of photo art for their dorms, but they do want plenty of photos to share online with their friends! I love it - share away!

Claire’s family ordered prints as well as mini snapshot prints (Polaroid-style!) so Claire would have some for her dorm & they’d also have a variety to share with friends and family members!

They also decided to order graduation announcements, so family and family friends near & far could celebrate her accomplishments with them. I love how the design came together! The golden yellow really pops!

Thank you all so much for stepping in front of my camera and allowing me to capture this exciting time for you!! Thank you, Lisa, for making it happen!

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How can I celebrate with you in the coming months?! I will be on maternity leave most of August - October, but I’ll pick back up with sessions and weddings in November and beyond! Check out my pay-what-you-can photography system to see what you may be interested in, then contact me so we can put something on the calendar!

Thanks for joining us here today, and be sure to follow along with daily happenings over on social media (links at the bottom of this webpage)! Talk to you soon!

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