Alexan & Becky - Massanutten Resort Overlook - Virginia Proposal Photography

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Thanks for joining us on the blog today! I’m going to cut to the chase here, because I have been SO EXCITED to share more from Alexan & Becky’s proposal at the Massanutten Overlook in the mountains of Virginia! You may recognize Alexan from her Meredith College graduation photos. Little did she know at the time of that session that she’d be getting engaged just a few weeks later! (I knew! I’m good at keeping secrets! ;) )

I’ve got to tell you their proposal story as we go along here, because Becky did such a great job orchestrating it. It’s also helpful that Alexan apparently trusts Becky very much! ;) Read on!

Alexan & Becky - Massanutten Resort Overlook -
Virginia Proposal Photography


Becky & Alexan were on vacation at a relative’s timeshare-like rental house in the mountains of Virginia, at the beautiful Massanutten Resort. Becky woke Alexan up early Monday morning and said, “Let’s go on a date!” Alexan isn’t usually an early riser, but she didn’t question it, hopped up, and they were on their way!

Becky had left their room in the middle of the night Saturday night AND Sunday night while Alexan was sleeping! Alexan had no idea. Saturday Becky scouted out the overlook area, and Sunday she set up string lights on the trees & in mason jars on the hill past the stairs. She didn’t want Alexan to look outside the car and see the setup before it was time to propose, so she outfitted the back of her Prius with cozy blankets and pillows and had Alexan ride back there the whole time! (This is where it’s helpful that Alexan is so trusting of Becky! Haha!) They watched the early sunrise from the back of the car (first photo), then Becky moved the car and brought Alexan out to the proposal area.

Meanwhile - I had parked just off-site and was hiding behind a tree until it was safe to venture out ;)


If you saw Alexan’s graduation session post, you’ve already read about how she has the best laugh. To go along with the laughter are some GREAT expressions of pure joy! I’m so happy to have captured these real, raw, joyful moments as Becky asked her to be her wife!! <3


THEY’RE ENGAGED! Becky and Alexan had talked about what kind of ring they’d each like, so Becky picked out Alexan’s, and Alexan picked out Becky’s. I love the way they did this. <3 Becky picked up both rings from Diamonds Direct, and she had both of them in the ring box! See the beauuutiful rings further down in the post!


SO much cuteness, disbelief, and happiness.


Hello, mountains! If you’d like to hire a photographer for your sunrise proposal in the mountains (um, or anywhere), I. AM. YOUR. GIRL.

I do all my evening sessions in “golden hour,” but I don’t often see the golden hour that happens in the morning… HELLO, glowy goodness! I know it looks like fall, but this session was at the end of April. Don’t be deceived... Haha.


I said it in an Instagram post, and I’ll say it again: “That face you get when you know you did a good job with the ring…” :) I love this so much! All of this!


Here are the gorgeous rings! What a cool ring box, too, right?!


I could just cry tears of joy for these two over and over again. My heart overfloweth with joy. Do you see how happy and in love they are?!

Aaand here’s a better look of how Becky set up the car! That duct tape isn’t creepy at all, right…? But isn’t the back of the car so inviting?!


CONGRATULATIONS once again, Alexan & Becky! We should do it again sometime… engagement photos? A wedding, perhaps?! ;) Love you both so much!

Choosing what photo art to order is always so hard - it’s a good problem to have because it means you love so many of the photos, but it can be tough to narrow them down to decide what to get in print! (The best part about my full-service system, though, is that we go ahead and take care of the choices & ordering a couple weeks after your session, and then I order everything for you… So you aren’t wondering months later what to actually DO with the photos you took!)

I love how Becky & Alexan decided to use their photo art credits that came with the collection Becky chose when she hired me… They invested in mini snapshot prints, which come in this sweet Polaroid photo style! They’re using most of them to tell their proposal story through a collage in their apartment, and they also ordered some extras to give to family members. So, so sweet!

If you love proposal photos as much as I do, be sure to check out Kristen & Darrin’s proposal at the Chinese Lantern Festival! I am so looking forward to their wedding this August… right before my baby comes! (Speaking of which, if you missed my 30-week pregnancy update, see that here!)

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Thank you again for joining me on the blog today, and see y’all back here soon!

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