Alexan Bailey - Meredith College Graduate - Raleigh Senior Photography

Hey everyone!

My husband Andrew and I are in the midst of celebrations this June… My birthday was the 6th, our anniversary was the 8th, and his birthday was yesterday, the 12th! High school graduations are also happening at the Raleigh Convention Center not too far from my house this week, and recent college grads are discovering what life is like without schoolwork and classes. :)

It was fun looking back on Alexan’s session from early April, knowing she’s working at a camp now for the summer before moving on to the next big thing!

Alexan Bailey - Meredith College Graduate -
Raleigh Senior Photography


We had the most perfect spring weather for Alexan’s session! It’s a bit hot now… this part of the country usually gets about 2 solid weeks of spring with some random, additional nice days here and there as it quickly transitions to summer temps… but anyway, it was perfect the evening we walked around the Meredith College campus for this session!

Alexan was really involved at Meredith throughout her time there. From a third person view looking in, I feel like she’s pretty well-known amongst her graduating class and probably some of the other classes, too. Can anyone confirm this?!

She studied social work, graduated with honors, was in the Social Work Honors Society, was the president of the White Iris Circle giving campus tours, and was involved in the Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship. She was also really into the various traditions at Meredith like corn huskin’. :) Whew - she must have been busy, but she rocked at all of it!

If you’re not aware of the Meredith College onyx rings - that’s one of them in the previous photo! It’s a tradition for graduating seniors to get a ring. When they receive it, they wear it with the Meredith seal facing toward themselves, and when they graduate, they turn the ring the other way to represent their going out to serve the world. I always think it’s cool when I’m around town and I see someone wearing one. :) My mom was a Meredith grad, and although I don’t know if she had an onyx ring from Meredith, I do have a high school ring of hers that looks very similar! If you see me wearing it, no - it’s not from Meredith and I didn’t go to Meredith - but my mom did! ;)

Okay back to Alexan - she has the BEST laugh. Her fiancée… “girlfriend” at the time of these photos! I got to photograph their proposal at the end of April! Photos soon! … Her fiancée answered a question on Instagram recently that read, “What is your favorite sound?” She said Alexan’s laugh. Hands down. :) Alexan has the best, big, beautiful smile and a big laugh to match it. I love how much of those show through the photos! I’m all about capturing people’s true personalities!


Doesn’t she look good in these photos too?! That dress complemented the graduation gown perfectly!


We ventured over to the Chapel on campus for these next few photos. In addition to the awesome backlighting in the first two, the front of the building makes for pretty epic photos with the grand pillars!


We wrapped up our session over by the fountain and building at the front of campus - I call this building the “poster child” of Meredith since it’s probably the most iconic one that is shown on all the marketing materials! I think every campus has some kind of “poster child” building…


Thank you, thank you, thank you Alexan! I loved spending this time with you, capturing this important time in your life, and creating photo art together to share with friends and family!

Alexan used her photo art credits to order prints of some of her favorites from the session - some to keep and some to share with family! I love how versatile sets of prints are as far as what you actually do with each individual print. (Don’t miss my pup’s paw there in the bottom-left of the print photo!)

She also used her photo art credits to order graduation announcements to send to friends & family. Choosing the return address printing option for the envelopes saved her so much time when she was preparing them to mail out!

Clients are able to choose their favorite templates for cards, then we work together to customize and personalize the design, content, and photos. I love how these turned out… but I always do!

Thank you again Alexan, and thank you dear blog readers for joining us today! Stay tuned for Alexan & her fiancée Becky’s proposal photos soon, and a special Light Creative announcement coming probably even sooner than that!

In the meantime, go see Adelyn’s 1-year-old baby photos that I posted last week… her adorable smile makes me hopeful it’ll be as big and joyful as Alexan’s in the future!

You know about all of my family’s current celebrations… What are you celebrating? How are you documenting it & capturing it so you can look back on these moments for years to come? If you’d like a photographer, check out my pay-what-you-can photography system and connect with me so we can get you on my calendar! I’d love to take photos for you and get you beautiful photo art for your home & to share!

Happy almost Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!

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