Barbara-Ann & Scott - Chapel Hill, NC Engagement Photographer

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

I got to photograph Taylor & Jenn’s beautiful wedding day on Saturday, and it feels fun to have a mini engagement session to share with you today, right after! It just feels like it fits the theme of love… right? Does this only make sense to me?

Last week I posted Hunter’s first communion photos! His mom Barbara-Ann had recently gotten engaged, so after we took photos at the church, we headed over to a park to do some engagement photos for her & her fiancé Scott. I love how they used this photo session for both purposes! They also ordered photo art that reflected both celebrations, so don’t miss photos of those at the bottom of each post!

Barbara-Ann & Scott - Chapel Hill, NC Engagement Photographer


We arrived to the park, and Barbara-Ann’s two kiddos quickly scurried off to explore with their grandmother. It’s amazing how a little quiet allows two people in love to savor the moment and get a little close!

The park didn’t have a ton of plants in bloom at the time, but this pinkish-purple flowery tree was giving me LIFE :)


These two met through the different types of work they do in the medical field, and Scott kept Barbara-Ann’s business card from the very first time they met. Isn’t it cute how they have it framed now?! What a clever idea!


This isn’t their real proposal, but reenactments can be fun, too. :)


And here’s the family again! Don’t miss Hunter’s post from last week, so you can see more of him rocking that white suit for his first communion photos!

As I mentioned before, I love how Barbara-Ann and Scott were able to use our time together to take both first communion photos for Hunter and engagement photos, and it also makes me so happy that they have photo art to reflect each!

They ordered a gallery image of one of their favorite engagement photos, with plans to hang it in a spot of the house where they sit and spend a lot of time together. I love how this will make them see it often and remember their love! I included a closer-up photo of the gallery image, too, to show you how smooth the gallery images are. They’re sleek, clean, and classy, and I always love how photos look on them!

They also ordered a few prints with engagement photos, mixed in with the prints they ordered of Hunter! And don’t miss the invitation cards they ordered to celebrate Hunter’s first communion as shown in the last post!

Barbara-Ann, Scott, and family - y’all are great. Thank you for allowing me to spend this time with y’all and capture your family as you celebrate two very exciting things! I hope to see y’all again and capture more memories for you soon!

Itching to see more engagement photography? I’ll be posting Becky & Alexan’s sunrise proposal session in the coming weeks, but for now, check out Kristen & Darrin’s proposal session at the Chinese Lantern Festival last December!

Do you have some love you’d like to capture, as well? Or maybe you’re in need of some updated family photos, or have an event coming up? Contact me here to let me know what you have in mind - I’d love to help you out! Be sure to check out my pay-what-you-can photography system as well, if you’re not familiar with it yet!

Thank you for joining us on the blog today, and I’ll talk to y’all again soon!

In light & love,