Daisy - NC State Grad School Graduate Photography

Hey everybody!

Thanks for joining me on the blog again today! Spring is shaping up to be a pretty busy time for my husband and me, getting in all the trips and plans before baby comes in August - and most of those are weekend plans on top of our regular work. We did take some time off to visit friends in Tampa, FL & Orlando / Disney World for about a week, and it was so nice to get away for a while and focus on relaxing and having fun! Now that I’m back and getting into the work groove again this week, I’m looking back on the trip and wondering, “Was that real? Did that really happen?!” Haha.

I’m throwing it back to the beginning of March today, to share a grad session I had with Daisy! She is graduating from grad school at NC State this Saturday, and I’m so happy we were able to take photos together to help commemorate this momentous occasion! We also got her some super classy graduation announcements to send out to everyone - photos of those are at the end of the post!

Daisy - NC State Grad School Graduate Photography


Daisy got to the parking area by the NC State bell tower before I did, and she was standing by her car when I drove in. Since I was driving, I didn’t get a good look at her but did notice someone in a red dress and curls - and I thought to myself, “Please let that beautiful woman in the red dress be Daisy!” Her friend helped her get all dolled up for the session, and don’t you agree that she looks incredible?!


The friend who helped her with hair & makeup and Daisy’s boyfriend both joined us for the session, so please imagine awesome cheerleaders behind me while we were taking the photos :) I’m always vocal and encouraging as I photograph people, and it was fun having extra supporters there too!


Looove that golden hour light on the Brickyard / University Plaza!

This is Daisy’s boyfriend, Matt! He jumped in for some photos too, and they’re obviously super cute together. :)


Daisy was super generous with a pay-it-forward contribution above and beyond her collection price to help provide professional photography to someone who typically wouldn’t have financial access to it. It was actually enough to finish providing what I need to offer a pay-what-you-can session to someone, fully covered if necessary! I’m so excited to be able to bless a family with a session soon, thanks to the generosity of my clients!

She decided to “spend” the photo art credits that came with her session collection to get graduation announcements and a beautiful gallery image of her and Matt! Check out how awesome they all turned out!

Thank you so much, Daisy, for entrusting me to capture this exciting time for you, and for paying it forward so that others can have their joy captured for them, as well!

Want to see some more senior photos? I’ll be sharing some recent Meredith College grad photos soon, but in the meantime check out Maggie’s Meredith College senior session from last year!

If you’re interested in scheduling your own session, take a look at all the details of my pay-what-you-can system, then get in touch with me here! I’m excited to keep photographing you beautiful people until late July, or so, before baby comes, then picking it back up later in the fall!

Thanks for reading along and viewing Daisy’s photos, and be sure to keep in touch with us here, through my newsletter, and on social media (links at the bottom of the page)! Enjoy the sunshine - and maybe a freezie pop or two!

In light & love,