Danielle - Downtown Raleigh Headshot Photographer

Hello, everyone!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s finally starting to feel a little more like spring! I’m knocking on wood as I type that, because living in North Carolina means this could change at any point in time. Today’s admittedly a lot chillier than the warmer days we’ve had recently, but I’ll take the warmth when I can get it!

Things have been exciting around here with two recent announcements - Andrew and I are expecting a baby (!!!) and I have spring mini-sessions coming up! Click on those links to learn more about each of those!

Amidst all the excitement, I’m also happy to jump back on the blog with y’all today to tell you about my friend Danielle!

Danielle - Downtown
Raleigh Headshot Photographer


Danielle moved to Raleigh last year after living in Washington, DC. We initially met (over some delicious Armadillo Grill Mexican food) because her husband and my husband are friends from high school! She works remotely from home, which means that she and I have gotten to share some co-working days together at my house. :) Work is always more fun when friends are around!

Danielle is starting a SUPER cool website that promotes the sharing of good and kindness in the world. When you experience kindness from someone, you’re able to go on the website and post a little blurb about what happened. There is so much hate and bad news in the media — the whole idea of this is to put more goodness out into the world and put motion and energy to GOOD things that are happening. I’ve loved the early sneak peeks that I’ve gotten of the website, and I’m excited to see it grow once it’s officially launched!

I was instantly so excited when Danielle mentioned she wanted headshots for the website and other work-related use. First of all, she’s obviously BEAUTIFUL, and second, I love providing something helpful to people as they strive to reach their goals and start new endeavors!


We met up in downtown Raleigh for our headshot session, near the warehouse district. Maybe this IS part of the warehouse district?! I live close enough to downtown that I should probably know this… Anyway, this awesome blue wall is courtesy of HQ Raleigh, a downtown co-working and office space. Later on in the photos you’ll see CAM Raleigh (the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh) and a super sweet mural across the street!


Danielle’s smile is as contagious as it is beautiful… don’t you agree?!

I love this little area we found - it feels industrial with the painted brick and metal railings, but we’ve still got some wild greenery in there too! I love that balance and juxtaposition!


Hey there, CAM Raleigh! Thanks for providing a cool backdrop!


And this mural! These rad Disney princesses have got nothing on Danielle. ;) She fit in with them perfectly, but also stood out because a) okay, she’s a real person, and b) she absolutely rocked her headshot session.


I don’t have much info about headshot sessions on my website, but I share it with anyone who asks! Danielle received 5 digital images with her session, which was plenty for what she needed right now, and she’s always able to order more later if needed! While I do include tangible photos with all my other portrait sessions, I love including digitals for my headshot clients since that’s what meets their needs at that time!

Thank you again, Danielle, for being so kind and having so much fun with me during your session!

And thank you, dear readers, for joining us on the blog today! If you’d like to see more headshots, keep an eye out for another headshot session coming to the blog soon, and head over to see Adwoa’s colorful downtown mural headshots in the meantime!

OF COURSE - let me know if you’re interested in a session of your own, and/or check out my spring mini-session information to see if that feels like a good fit! Springtime bookings are picking up, and I’m so excited to capture more memories for you all. :)

Thank you so much! See you back here soon!

In light & love,