Throwback Thursday - Maggie Liston: Meredith College Senior Photography

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!

We've been on a journey together this summer as I've shared photos from my early photography days, from the years I did photography in Virginia, and from these first couple years I've lived in Raleigh

This post is the last in this summer's Throwback Thursday blog series, but have no fear - more recent sessions are still to come! 

Throwback Thursday - Maggie Liston: Meredith College Senior Photography


Back in March, I was privileged with the opportunity to photograph Maggie for her senior photos! I could say a LOT about Maggie and our friendship, but let me just brush the surface by saying she is so dear to me. We met as we both participated in Mission Year in Houston, saw each other most days as we volunteered at the same service site full-time, and had meaningful conversations that have expanded my view of God and helped me understand Her love in a new way (namely, God as Mother in addition to Father, if you didn't catch that "Her" language).


As we considered where to move after Mission Year, Andrew and I knew that we wanted to pursue living in some kind of intentional community no matter where we were. Maggie also wanted to pursue community as she finished out her last two years of undergrad, and we moved to Raleigh all together in August 2016! My mom went to Meredith College, & when I suggested it, Maggie took a virtual tour while we sat in the school we volunteered at. She applied, and that's where she finished school and graduated from!

She moved to Durham at the beginning of this August to take part in Duke & UNC's dual-degree program to earn a Master's of Divinity and Master's of Social Work. We said really tearful goodbyes even though she's only 30 minutes away, which speaks to the bond we've formed and how much better we are, as humans in general, in community. I am so grateful to have lived with Maggie for two years. 


I haven't even mentioned that Maggie is also the biggest hype-woman I have for my business! She is not shy in bragging about my photography, but she also does really good work in my heart when she says that I am an artist. Maggie has helped me discern and recognize my identity as an artist, and she affirms me as I grow into that title more. This is another reason I'm so thankful for her! Find yourself someone who speaks truth into your life, encourages you in your passions and who you really are, and keep that person close!


Like I said, that just brushes the surface of Maggie and our friendship. I haven't even said how she's going to make for an incredible, loving, passionate-for-justice pastor someday soon. She doesn't hesitate to call out wrongdoing and speak for what's right, and she does it with such a grace where you know you're protected and fought for, but also deeply loved by her and by God.  

Read more about our friendship and see photos from the last couple years in my Instagram post from the day she moved!  


(And if you can't tell, the lighting for our evening session at Meredith College was just perfect. I was swooning over it the whole time, haha!)


If you know Maggie, you know how perfect this t-shirt is. 

Thank you, Maggie, for being a friend - and a dang good one at that. 

Maggie ordered graduation announcements and framed prints to commemorate this time! She surprised her mom with the framed art for Mother's Day... <3 How super sweet is that?! 

Thank you, Maggie, for being a friend - and a dang good one at that.

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Are you or someone you know graduating this school year? Tell me all about it here! I'll see you next week to finally share photos from my summer vacation out west! 

In light & love,