Throwback Thursday: Aleta Payne - Raleigh Outdoor Headshot Photography

“I have always dreaded having my photo taken and had put off having new professional head shots done for years. When I couldn't avoid it any longer, I reached out to Kelly, and I am so glad I did! Not only did she put me completely at ease, I so enjoyed spending time with her, that I was more focused on our conversation than the photos. The results were great! Plus she got them back to me quickly at an affordable price. I recommend her highly.” - Aleta Payne

Putting people at ease, enjoying conversation and connecting with each other, allowing people to feel great about their photos... aahhhh, I love this work.

Throwback Thursday: Aleta Payne 

Welcome back!

Today I am featuring headshot photos I took for Aleta in March 2017. I don't photograph headshots as often as I do weddings, newborn sessions, family sessions, and others with couples & families, but I do LOVE hearing that feedback Aleta gave. As she said in her testimonial above, she doesn't enjoy getting her picture taken, and I am so pleased that we were able to enjoy our session together thanks to good conversation, laughter, and an overall easygoing atmosphere. 

I also think there's a lot of power in getting photos taken of yourself with a professional photographer, whether for professional or personal reasons. Photos have the capacity to empower and help people see their true beauty. I see "imperfections" as things that contribute to your beautiful self (we are all imperfectly perfect), and helping women really see how beautiful they are is as empowering to me as it is to them. 

Since I do all my sessions on location or in-home, her workplace was a logical choice for the session, and I found great places around the building to capture these photos. One characteristic great photographers have is the ability to adapt to different areas and lighting situations! I was thankful for the different locations the building (a church) had to offer, including some good non-distracting backgrounds and a pretty courtyard. 

Isn't Aleta beautiful?! 


It's so fun seeing photos I've taken "in the wild" - Aleta later wrote an article as a community columnist for the News & Observer newspaper titled "Toxic Stress Hurts Kids. How Can We Reduce It?" and chose one of her headshots from our session for her author photo! 

Do you need some professional headshots, or would you like photos of yourself just for fun? Connect with me here - I will do everything I can to help you see how beautiful you naturally are, just by being you.

In light & love,