Adwoa Asante - Fun & Casual Downtown Raleigh Headshot Photography

I had Kelly take pictures of me for a Christmas card I need to send out for work. I am more than satisfied with the pictures and cards! Kelly has an eye for joy and capturing it. It’s probably one of the moments I’ve felt most comfortable in front of a camera. I loved getting the chance to partner with Kelly in this way. I want to experience the joy of having their pictures taken by someone like Kelly - caring, creative, fun, talented, and encouraging.

- Adwoa Asante

Hello, friends!

I don’t know about you, but December has been busier than expected this year! I expected for things to slow down a little bit for photography throughout this month, but I am BLESSED and ELATED to say that it has not, haha! Don’t get me wrong - I’m looking forward to a few days of rest next week over Christmas - but I feel a little momentum picking up with this little business of mine and I am pumped about that. It brings me so much joy to celebrate this time in your life with you (whatever special or everyday time that may be), and I’m glad that it’s been joyful for others, too!

Today I want to share my friend Adwoa with you!

Adwoa Asante - Fun & Casual Downtown Raleigh Headshot Photography


Adwoa and I met at our church, Southeast Raleigh Table. We had no idea before we met, but we have several friends in common from other parts of our lives! She is doing amazing things on NC State’s campus as she plants a BCM (Black College Ministry) chapter with InterVarsity there. My husband Andrew and I met through InterVarsity at JMU, so we have crossed paths with some of the same people!

As soon as I met Adwoa, things just clicked. We made plans to have her over to our house for dinner, and we’ve become quick friends! Her admin. days for work are Mondays, so we’ve shared lots of Mondays together over lots of candy corn, co-working around my kitchen table.


We’ve grown so close that we’re actually pursuing community together on a different level! Some of her things are in our guest room right now, because she’s moving in this weekend! (Okay, weird right? Not really for us.) Andrew and I moved to Raleigh with our friend Maggie in 2016, and we’ve loved living life with her and with others who have found themselves in our little community since then. Some for a couple months, some for a few more than that, and Maggie stayed for two years until she started seminary at Duke and had to get a place out in Durham (cue the tears - I’m still not over it). We’re excited for Adwoa to be joining us and our other roommate Katherine now!

While I don’t talk about headshots as much as some of my other sessions, there’s definitely a place for them in the world of Light Creative! Since I do all my sessions on location (aka, I don’t have a studio), I like to keep them casual and fun. Find me a mural (or a solid background if that’s more your jam), bring your favorite dad jokes, and let’s get some great, joyful images for you!

Adwoa and I went down to this super colorful mural on Blount St. in downtown Raleigh for her headshot session, and it was peerfeeect. I’ve always wanted to take photos there, and she’s always wanted to BE in photos there! It was a win-win!


And let me just say, SHE ROCKED IT.


That orange wall, though! <3

Adwoa wanted the photos to go along with ordering Christmas cards to send to the supporters of her work at NC State! She was actually co-working at my house (yep, on one of our co-working Mondays) when the box arrived, so she got to unbox them and see them for the first time when I did!

Watch the video - See the pretty envelopes? Return address printing (and fun designs) are offered to make your life a little easier once you receive your order! Please let me do this for you - I’m all about saving time so you can do more important things (like rest)!

Thank you again, Adwoa, for taking photos and ordering cards with me! I’m so glad you love them and want to brag about them! :)

And thank YOU for reading, dear friend! If you want to see other headshots I’ve taken, be sure to see the photos I took with Aleta right outside where she worked!

Interested in getting some fun headshots for yourself? Contact me here for details and to book a session!

Also, have you heard about my pay-what-you-can photography structure yet? See those details here!

Thanks again for sticking with me, and HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS / KWANZAA / HANUKKAH / HOLIDAY SEASON! However you celebrate & even if you don’t celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful couple weeks with people you love.

I’ll catch y’all in the NEW YEAR!

In light & love,